2020/21 Season Update

Now that the rinks are starting to open, fans thoughts are rightly starting to turn their thoughts to the 2020/21 season. 

Currently there is no agreed league structure for next season.  The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) are currently in consultation with all of the teams in the North regarding possible league structures.  Clearly this is not a simple process as a number of rinks are still not yet open and there are also issues such as possible local lockdowns affecting rinks and teams into the future.  There are a number of options being discussed however the long-term viability and sustainability of teams and the new league structure will need to be taken into account prior to the teams and the EIHA finalising the 2020/21 league structure. 

On this basis the YKK Widnes Wild do not feel it is appropriate to make any announcements regarding coaching staff and players until the league structure is agreed, as it would not be fair to ask people to commit until they know what they are committing to.   As it is not permissible to runs trials, as players are required to remain in their bubble under current regulations, if any player who did not play for the Wild last season is interested in playing for the Wild in the 2020/21 season they should send an email to hello@widneswild.co.ukin the first instance.

In terms of a league start date, this is currently an unknown, however the PR from the government seems to indicate they are looking for a return of spectators to live sport events starting towards the end of October.  On this basis the Wild are making preparations for the league season to commence in November however we are also making contingency plans in case the league isn’t able to commence until after Christmas.

We look forward to welcoming the #WildOnes and the Wild team back to Planet Ice Widnes and the target will be firmly on winning silverware. We hope to see as many of you at the rink next Thursday as is possible under current restrictions but more importantly we hope that everybody follows the current rules and regulations so that we can ensure a return to competitive sport as soon as is possible.

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