A Message from the Club Chaplain
Linda (Club Chaplain) with Club Soft Tissue Specialist Martina Bencova

From Widnes Wild Chaplain Linda

The last few weeks have seen significant changes that none of us could anticipate, we find ourselves in uncertain territory. As fear grips the nation, schools shutting down and panic buying, Isaiah 43:5 says “do not be afraid, I am with you”… It’s times like this we can take comfort from our faith.

Taking care of each other #being kind will be so important at this time, let’s not get caught up in selfishness, reach out to vulnerable people and offer help were we can. Take this opportunity to let the light within you shine.

We cannot forget the mental health implications in all of this, on ourselves and our friends and loved ones – remember to look after yourself and when in need reach out and talk to someone. Be there for others and consider how they feel in this time of uncertainty.

God didn’t promise; days without pain, laughter without sorry, nor sun without rain, but he did promise strength for each day, comfort for the tears and light for your day.

Stay safe, be kind and help one anther, If you need to talk you can contact me through messenger, don’t suffer alone.


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