Captains Call to Wild Ones

Dippnall 93The RTL Widnes Wild captain Shaun Dippnall has called for the “best fans in the league” to join his Wild players for a skate this Sunday at Silver Blades Ice Rink Widnes. The number 93 cannot make the event himself but assures fans that it will be a great event;

“I’m gutted that I can’t make it on Sunday, prior engagements mean that I will miss the skate and the trial, but I am certain that it will be a great event. The Widnes Wild fans are in my opinion the best in the league, they follow us on the road as well as being our sixth man at home matches, so it is great to give back to them and have fun days like this.”

SD93 BradfordDippnall was voted the Most Valuable Player by his peers at the end of season awards evening, an award that he was very proud to receive;

“I was honoured to receive the MVP award, I feel that it could have gone to a number of players as the whole team pulled together and worked hard this season. Looking to next season I am very excited to be back wearing the Wild jersey, we didn’t quite reach our target of winning the league or promotion but we aim to put that right in the 16/17 campaign.”

Dippnall is joined by player-coach Scott Mckenzie and netminder Greg Ruxton so far, with further announcements to be made in the coming weeks. If you would like to Own & Loan any of these players jersey’s contact;

Sunday’s ‘Skate with The Wild’ starts at 5pm with doors at Silver Blades Widnes opening at 4:30pm. Following the skating fun, potential Wild players will be put to the test as the Widnes Wild Trial starts at 7pm. For any further information contact


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