CONFIRMED: Caunce & Ruddick


With the first handful of training sessions over, Manager Mick Caunce jumps to sign his first selection of players even before the June trials.

Bobby Caunce – Forward
The first player to be announced online, initially won’t be a surprise to many, is ex-Fylde Forward Bobby Caunce, son of Mick. Bobby is 24 years old and has spent the last 2 seasons as Fylde’s leading goal scorer. He doesn’t come here as Mick’s son or an expected Fylde arrival, but as potentially one of the most dangerous young forwards that the squad will boast, as backed by his previous 10 years in the sport. His senior career appearances have taken place at Flintshire Freeze (2007 – 2009), Lancashire Raptors (2009 – 2011) and Fylde Flyers (2011 – 2013). While netting 115 goals and 115 assists in 113 games. From watching the previous weeks of training sessions he’s linking well with players and not holding back in front of goal. With a high standard of Hockey expected at the Silver-Blades Ice Rink, this could be the perfect place for Bobby to reap the rewards of having a knack in front of goal.

Calum Ruddick – Defence
Calums’ past sits within Roller Hockey, where he was chosen to represent Great Britain in the Junior Olympics and the Firs World Championships in New Orleans, after holding his place through a 3-month-trial at Deeside and being selected in the final 16 of 100 trialists. Calum is another young player to be added to the Widnes Wild squad, with only 3 senior years in the sport, he managed to feature heavily for Flintshire Freeze in his first 2 seasons in the ENL2. Calum stuck around in Deeside to sign for the re-branded Deeside Dragons, where he made 8 appearances between September and the end of October when he made the decision to spend time away from the sport. At the previous Wild practices he’s been looking sharp and not an ounce like he virtually missed a full season, standing strong at the back, holding off forwards and even scoring goals. Ruddick looks ready to be giving the trialists in June a hard time on the ice.

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