The YKK Widnes Wild play their home games on a Sunday night at Silver Blades Widnes with Faceoff at 5:30pm.

Tickets cost £8 adults and £5 kids

You can download a poster of all the fixtures here and an ics file containing all the 18/19 Wild fixtures here.

02/09/2018Widnes WildSutton Sting2-9
09/09/2018Widnes WildSheffield Senators4-3
22/09/2018Sheffield SenatorsWidnes Wild3-7
23/09/2018Widnes WildBradford Bulldogs7-6
29/09/2018Telford TigersWidnes Wild2-0
06/10/2018Hull JetsWidnes Wild2-4
07/10/2018Widnes WildBlackburn Hawks 222-2
13/10/2018Bradford BulldogsWidnes Wild3-5
20/10/2018Blackburn Hawks 2Widnes Wild2-14
21/10/2018Widnes WildTelford Tigers2-1
27/10/2018Coventry BlazeWidnes Wild0-8
04/11/2018Widnes WildAltrincham Aces6-1
11/11/2018Widnes WildCoventry Blaze7-3
18/11/2018Deeside DragonsWidnes Wild2-5
25/11/2018Widnes WildHull Jets3-1
01/12/2018Hull JetsWidnes Wild0-1
02/12/2018Widnes WildCoventry Blaze8-3
09/12/2018Altrincham AcesWidnes Wild3-6
15/12/2018Bradford BulldogsWidnes Wild1-5
16/12/2018Widnes WildBradford Bulldogs9-2
06/01/2019Blackburn Hawks 2Widnes Wild1-9
12/01/2019Coventry BlazeWidnes Wild2-3
13/01/2019Widnes WildSheffield Senators3-2
26/01/2019Telford TigersWidnes Wild4-3
27/01/2019Widnes WildBlackburn Hawks 214-1
03/02/2019Widnes WildDeeside Dragons11-4
10/02/2019Sheffield SenatorsWidnes Wild3-8
17/02/2019Widnes WildTelford Tigers2-5
23/02/2019Altrincham AcesWidnes Wild2-6
03/03/2019Widnes WildHull Jets11-3
17/03/2019Widnes WildAltrincham Aces4-1
24/03/2019Deeside DragonsWidnes Wild5-9
31/03/2019Widnes WildDeeside Dragons16-5
14/04/19Widnes WildSlough Jets1-7
20/04/2019Widnes WildBradford Bulldogs9-3
21/04/19Widnes WildHull Jets6-3
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