Match preview – Wild v Coventry Blaze & Bradford Bulldogs

Astonishing weekend for Wild as they successfully went through two physical contests against Deeside Dragons and Blackburn Eagles to come away with full four points.

Coming up this weekend Wild will participate in another home double header with games against Coventry Blaze who will travel to the silver blades ice rink on Saturday, 17:30 face off. Then the following night the Bradford Bulldogs squad will make the trip to the rink for, 18:15 face off.

wildIf you can’t make the trip to both games this weekend, then don’t forget the Wild’s official Twitter account will keep you informed with end of period score updates and play by play updates

Wild are currently in a play-off position sitting in fourth in the standings with 32 points, there are only five remaining games of the season, Wild are five points clear of Hull Jets and six points ahead of Deeside Dragons.
Blaze and Wild have only faced each other twice this season, Wild lost the first game 3-4 on home ice then later on they won 7-3 away from home. Coventry are eightieth in the league with five games left they have 20 points on the league board.

Bottom of the league Bradford Bulldogs have also faced Wild twice this season so far both games were a win for wild winning 13-3 away then beating Bulldogs again 13-0 on home ice. Bulldogs have only won two games this season they have four points on the table, both games won were against Coventry Blaze.
Door open approximately 60 minutes before face off, tickets for both games are £6 adults, £3 children or you can get a pasty, pint and ticket for £10.

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