NIHL North Agree 17/18 League Structure

Following the NIHL North section meeting on Sunday 14 May, the EIHA is pleased to announce that the format for 17/18 season has been agreed.

The applications from Hull Pirates, Sheffield Steeldogs and Telford were accepted and they take their place in NIHL North Division 1 next season.

Sutton Sting have requested that they be relegated to Division 2, this was accepted by the three hour long meeting.  Nottingham Lions have been promoted to Division 1 for 17/18 season.

In total there will be 10 teams in Division 1, playing each other twice home and twice away for a 36 game league season.

NIHL North 1 (Moralee)

  • Billingham Stars
  • Blackburn Hawks
  • Deeside Dragons
  • Hull Pirates
  • Nottingham Lions
  • Sheffield Steeldogs
  • Solihull Barons
  • Solway Sharks
  • Telford
  • Whitley Warriors

Discussions around an NIHL North 1 Cup will continue outside the meeting.

NIHL North Division 2 will also have ten teams after applications from Blackburn and Deeside were accepted.  These will also play each other twice home and twice away for a 36 game league season.

NIHL North 2 (Laidler)

  • Altrincham Aces
  • Blackburn 2
  • Bradford Bulldogs
  • Coventry Blaze
  • Deeside 2
  • Hull Jets
  • Sheffield Senators
  • Sutton Sting
  • Telford 2
  • Widnes Wild

The meeting also agreed that all NIHL North games ending in a draw after 60 minutes will go to five minutes of 3 on 3 overtime and penalty shots if required.  Teams will be able to ice one non EIHA trained player during overtime.

The NIHL season will begin on weekend of 2/3 September and is scheduled to end 7/8 April.

The format of NIHL playoffs for North and South has been agreed and details will be released on Tuesday.

NIHL North chair Charles Dacres said: “We are delighted to have reached agreement on our structure for next season.

“We welcome our new members from Hull, Sheffield and Telford and I feel that there are two strong divisions for our clubs to play in.

“I’m disappointed to lose Sutton from Division 1 but happy to be able to promote Nottingham Lions to maintain a ten team league.”

Now that the league structure has been agreed the RTL Widnes Wild will announce season tickets, players and other exciting news items over the next few weeks – finally It’s Time to Go Wild!

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