Playoff and Promotion Update

As of the 11th March the RTL Widnes Wild will no longer be taking orders for playoff tickets.  If #WildOnes haven’t already ordered their tickets they can now be purchased directly from the organisers (, 07768 285577).

Over the next three games the Wild will be fund raising to help finance the Wild team attending the playoffs.  This is because there has been no commitment to pay attendance/prize money by the organisers, unlike in previous years, and this has unfortunately left the Wild in a position where it is not financially viable to send a team to the playoffs without incurring significant debt.

As a result the Wild were left with two options; 1) to not attend or 2) to ask the players and staff to fund themselves.  The players have opted for the second option and so will be paying for themselves to attend the tournament, which is why we are looking to fund raise over the next few weeks so that that we can at least make a contribution to the player’s costs. 

It should be noted that the playoffs are being run as a private event and not by the EIHA.  Additionally, the organisers insist they are under no obligation to provide the participating clubs or the EIHA with the accounts relating to the event.  In the event that any prize money is received it will be distributed amongst the players and staff that attend.

In relation to promotion/relegation the EIHA have yet to decide whether this will consist of the teams involved playing two games (home and away) or a one off game at a neutral venue and will not make a decision until nearer the time.  According to the league rules promotion/relegation must be decided on the weekend of the 1ss and 2nd April.  As soon as more information is available we will communicate it.  In order to qualify for the promotion/relegation process the RTL Widnes Wild require one more point from their remaining three games.

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