Providing Wild Support for the UK Sepsis Trust
Laura and her husband, Charlie

Sepsis takes 44,000 lives in the UK every year

On Sunday the 5th February Laura was out with her family watching the RTL Widnes Wild Ice Hockey team (6 : 4 to the Wild!) and less than 12 hours later she was rushed to Whiston Hospital in a critical condition. Laura was quickly diagnosed with Pneumococcal Septicaemia and was sedated while her body fought the infection. Thanks to the skills and dedication of the critical care team Laura survived, but, this was the start of a new and life changing chapter of her life.

At 25 Laura was living a very full life, recently married, new home and employed as a graphic designer. In her spare time she enjoyed a number of hobbies including climbing and walking and also volunteered as a Cub Scout leader. Following a long time gaining accreditation Laura was due to be awarded the Duke of Edinburgh gold award and Queen’s Scout award in the Spring.

Sepsis is an indiscriminate killer, claiming young and old lives alike and affecting the previously fit and healthy. It’s more common than heart attacks and kills more people than bowel, breast and prostate cancer and road accidents combined. Current practice for diagnosis and treatment could be costing the UK economy up to £15.6 billion annually.

But despite the statistics and the condition’s devastating impacts, awareness of sepsis is astonishingly low.

When the RTL Widnes Wild found out what had happened to one of their season ticket holders they immediately wanted to help and the Wild players and staff, supported by the amazing #WildOnes. It was felt that the Wild could help in many ways including players and coaches hiking up Snowden, collections during games and donating the money raised at our annual Christmas charity game.

After speaking with Laura and her family it was also felt that more could be done to raise awareness of sepsis and specifically the UK Sepsis Trust who have been providing support to Laura and her family. So for the 2017/18 season the UK Sepsis Trust will be the Wild’s nominated charity and the penalty box will be sponsored by Laura’s family in the name of the UK Sepsis Trust.

Headed by world leader in sepsis and NHS Consultant Dr. Ron Daniels, the UK Sepsis Trust has a clear mission to save lives and improve outcomes for survivors of sepsis by instigating political change, educating healthcare professionals, raising public awareness, and providing support for those affected.

Earlier identification and treatment across the UK would save 14,000 lives and result in 400,000 fewer days in hospital for patients every year. This could save the UK economy as much as £2.8 billion per annum.

As a self-funded organisation The Sepsis Trust have made significant progress. Last year alone has seen a new NICE guideline on sepsis, recognition from the Royal Colleges and the launch of a much-needed public awareness campaign on sepsis in children developed in partnership with NHS England, the Department of Health and Public Health England. In 2017, efforts spearheaded by the UK Sepsis Trust led the World Health Organisation to adopt a resolution to improve sepsis care in all UN member states, making the condition a priority for policy makers and healthcare authorities all over the world.

Dr Ron Daniels BEM, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust commented:

“Sepsis has a devastating human cost. Every day in the UK, individuals and families have their lives torn apart by the condition, but better awareness and education for healthcare professionals could save thousands of lives each year.

“It’s the commitment of supporters like the Widnes Wild that allows us to continue the fight against sepsis, and we’d like to say a huge thank you from everyone at the UK Sepsis Trust. Together we can change the way sepsis is handled in the UK.”

Speaking on behalf of the Wild, Jon Anderson, Wild GM said;

“Laura and her family are #WildOnes and by definition that makes them part of the Wild family. And no matter what we’ve achieved on the ice if we can’t look back on having given love and support to your our family, what have we really accomplished? Winning the playoffs last year was a fantastic achievement but means nothing if we’re not supporting our family off the ice”.

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