Stick’n’Step Festive Skate With Players

Wild players with children from Stick’n’Step on the ice for the festive skate (Photos by Dave Smithson / Stick’n’Step)

Children and parents from the Wild’s chosen charity for the season Stick ‘n’ Step were able to enjoy a festive skate with the players before the game against Blackburn on Sunday.

Stick ‘n’ Step provide free conductive education sessions to children and young people with cerebral palsy and they support 100 children and their families from their sites in Runcorn and Wallasey.

For children who were able to stand, players supported them as they skated around the ice and, for the others, the players pushed them around in wheelchairs and pushchairs – to the obvious delight of all concerned.

Numerous children and family members of Stick ‘n’ Step have attended Wild games during the course of the season and this special event was an opportunity for the children to meet the players. For some of the other families, it was their first ever visit to an ice rink and their first ice hockey match.



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