Strength, speed and determination added with super signing Chris Gee

ChrisGeeWidnes Wild are pleased to announce the signing of 23-year-old Chris Gee who is originally from Cambridge, UK.

The Former Manchester Metros, Manchester Minotaurs and Harrogate star has been added to the team after returning back to the UK from a short stint in Canada. Chris spent a year in Canada playing for Da Byes in the division one, Calgary Men’s Hockey Association  (CMHA) league, before returning to the UK around 6 weeks ago. Chris is happy to play in both the forward and defence positions, which is a massive advantage for the club and having come from a rugby background Chris has a physical element to his game. Head coach, Scott McKenzie, is delighted to have him on board and says that the 2015/16 season is ‘The one to watch’.

Chris, who will be wearing the number 46 jersey, said:

‘I’m very interested in working with Scott and seeing what he has to offer the team in regards to his style of play and knowledge about ice hockey’.

 ‘I am looking forward to being there the team next year. My aim is to bring support wherever possible both on and off the ice and I am keen to be involved in the off-ice activities next year such as charity work’.

Chris continued:

‘My main aim for the upcoming season is to work on specific tactics along with developing new skills and qualities. My speed and accuracy can be a massive bonus for the club next season and if we are all placed in the right position the team can bring something special and entertaining’.

Chris had this message for the fans;

‘I’m not a shy person and I’m looking forward to meeting the fans next season. I’m really hopefully we can impress them with the amount of skills we have as a team’.  

Head Coach, Scott McKenzie had this to say about his latest signing;

‘Chris is someone that we can bring in as a utility player. He can and is willing to play both forward and defence for me which really gives us more depth within the squad’.

‘I picked Chris up from the trial a few weeks ago. He is in great shape, very keen to get going and be a part of making this club successful’.

‘I am sure the fans are excited to see some fresh blood within the squad and I have no doubts that Chris will fit in nicely with what we are trying to build here in Widnes’.

Chris’s home and away shirts are available to “own and loan” with full detail available here.  Chris duck is also looking for a new owner and more information on duck ownership can be found here.

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