Now that the regular season has finished the RTL Widnes Wild would like to thank a few people and organisations.

Firstly, we would like to thank all of the players who give their time to play for free and without whom we would have no one to support. It should always be remembered that the players play for free, provide their own equipment and give their time to our fantastic fans.

Secondly, it’s important to thank all those who directly support the players by providing coaching, administrative, physical and spiritual support as well as running around making sure everything the players need is sorted. This fantastic group of people includes Mark, Martina, Sue, Nicky, Mike, Georgina, Ando and Linda. We would also like to thank the rink staff.
Next to be thanked are the awesome match night volunteers including Mark, Carl, Gill, Dick, Steve, Andrew, Sam, Paul, Vince, Lucy, Rovena, Howard, Jennifer, Ian, Clare, Dave, Jeanette, Charlotte, Louise, Gordon, Stacey and Carl plus countless others.

Also needing to be thanked are the guys who produce all the video and photographic images Colin and Geoff.

Fifth we need to thank all the sponsors that have supported us this season; RTL, Hemsec, Umami, Planet Ice, Top Print, UK Sepsis Trust and Sprakes and Sons and well as Mark and Claire who ensure the team as well stocked with energy drinks.

Special thanks need to go to Pucka who clearly isn’t Barry Sprakes despite rumours 😊 as well as the Eclipse Cheerleaders who attend all our games and events.

Lastly we would like to thank all the fans. All teams clearly think their fans are the best in the league whereas we know we have the best (and loudest) fans in the league.

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