The Only Way Is Wild For Kieran Strangeway.

Head coach, Scott McKenzie is delighted to announce the signing of 21 year old, Kieran Strangeway.

Kieran will be heading into his 2nd year playing for Widnes Wild after joining the team in 2013 from Hull. He is currently studying food and nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University and will be heading into his final year this coming September. Having someone who is studying food and nutrition can be a huge benefit as this nutritional knowledge can be used to help support the development of the team.

Kieran will be wearing the number 61 jersey and this is what he had to say about the news;

‘I’m extremely happy and proud to have been re-signed for the Wild again for the 2015/16 season, It truly does mean a lot to me to wear the jersey and represent Widnes. I’m excited about the upcoming season and the challenges that lay ahead.’

‘I really enjoyed my first season at Widnes, everyone has been really welcoming towards me and the fans have been outstanding. The team has consisted of a great bunch of lads that are all willing to play for each other, the morale of the team is what makes us, as a club, stand out.’

‘This year I’m aiming to improve on my own game as well as develop as a player. I feel having Scott McKenzie as our new head coach will really drive everyone and help them to achieve their full potential. As a team we can all aim to push ourselves both on and off the ice in order to gain the league title and show people what we can really do.’

‘Been one of the younger players in the team I know I can have a lot of influence on the team. I also have a lot of passion for the game which gives me the drive and commitment I need to succeed.’

‘The support from the fans last season was amazing, as a team we are aiming to improve more this coming season and hope we can make the fans proud of us.’

Head Coach, Scott McKenzie, had this to say about it;

‘Simple and effective, that’s what Kieran Strangeway brings to the Wild. Kieran is someone that I would class as a ‘stay at home D man’. He will play a solid defensive game, protect Greg in net and make a good first pass to start our break out. He is a good skater and handles the puck well.’

‘The thing I really like about Kieran is his willingness to learn and listen. Again another player that shows great desire to play for Widnes Wild and is excited for the coming season.’

‘When signing the team this season a key for me is for everyone to be as one, a strong team is a group of guys that stick together no matter what. I feel that we will have that this year, it’s a very exciting time for the Wild fans.’

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