Welcome back Matt, Goodbye Lee

Head coach, Scott McKenzie, is delighted to announce the re-signing of 21 year old, Matt Wainwright.

The former Deeside Dragons and Flintshire Freeze player joined Widnes Wild at the start of the 2014/15 season and is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to continue playing with the Wild for the 2015/16 season.

MattWainwright2Matt will be wearing the number 13 Jersey next season.

I’m over the moon to have re-signed for Wild, we had a fantastic season last year however I am keen to improve on it and I certainly think Scott is the man for the job. I’m looking forward to learning from him and think he can bring something magnificent to the team.’

‘For me personally I bring a more offensive element to the defence. This, along with a calm and collective attitude, can be a huge benefit especially when tempers and emotions are running high.’

‘The thing that excites me the most about next season is the prospect of achieving a higher league position, along with developing the team as a unit both on and off the ice.’

Matt had this message for the fans;

‘Widnes Wild have the best fans in the league. I, along with the rest of the team, hope for the continuation of such great support and in return we want to give them something worth cheering about.’

Head Coach, Scott McKenzie, had this to say about the re-signing;

Matt is a smart hockey player. This is why I have signed him. We need smart players to start our transition and move the puck quickly and effectively. I see Matt being a rock at the back and a guy who will be a stalwart for the club.’

 ‘He keeps it simple and that’s what I want from him. He may not be flashy, but every team needs responsibility and someone who does their bit for the team but doesn’t always get recognised for it.’

 ‘I am looking for Matt to work hard in the gym this summer and really get himself into better shape, a fit Matt Wainwright will be a huge asset for the Widnes Wild.’

However it is with great disappointment that we announce the departure of forward, Lee Pollitt.

Scott McKenzie had this to say about Lee’s departure;

LeePollittI have known Lee for a little while now having met him before coming to Widnes, I was keen to bring him back this season but Lee has had offers from other teams in higher leagues. I will never stand in the way of a player that wants to better themselves or has an opportunity that they feel is right for them. The door will not be shut on Lee; we will have a spot for him if things don’t work out.’

 ‘Although losing a player of Lee’s quality I want to reassure fans that we do have other options out there and the team is still looking very strong. My confidence remains as ever high to be successful next season.’

‘Myself and everyone else here at Widnes Wild wish Lee all the best on his career path.’

Matt’s home and away shirts are available to “own and loan” with full detail available here.  Matt duck is also looking for a new owner and more information on duck ownership can be found here.

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