Wild Women Doing 100 Squat Challenge For Charity

(Photo by Paul Breeze)

Members of the Widnes Wild women’s team are keeping extra fit during the lockdown period and helping to raise funds and awareness for charity at the same time.

They are undertaking the “100 squats a day” a day challenge in aid of the Royal British Legion Industries – which means literally doing 100 squats every day over 30 days from 3rd May to 2nd June. The girls who are taking part make a video of their 100 squats and the results are edited together in a light hearted short video montage and posted on the Wild women’s Facebook page, which also has a link to their Just Giving page for the charity.

The Royal British Legion Industries charity originally stated in 1919 helping thousands of soldiers who were sent home for the First World War suffering with tuberculosis. In 1920, Industrial Settlements Incorporated – as it was originally known – purchased Preston Hall which was home to 240 ex-servicemen and women and, after the Second World War, the name was changed to British Legion Industries (Preston Hall) Incorporated – becoming a sister charity of the British Legion.

As well as the squat challenge, the Wild women’s players have been finding other ways to keep fit and connected as a team during this difficult period.

Pauline Hayward explains:

“Some of us train together using Zoom twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, hosted by Laura Marcroft who is social secretary.”

“I also train with Zoom doing a HIT class every Wednesday and walk, cycle, trampoline and do tons of gardening. I do some stick handling/ shooting practice too but not as much as I would like as I don’t have anywhere to do it without the risk of smashing the fences to bits!”

Wild women’s captain Emma Pearson adds:

“The Zoom workouts have been useful to get some of the girls together and it’s been really good to keep the motivation going.”

“During lockdown I have been following the home workout programme set by Chris at CrossFit Widnes which have been great to keep me fit. I have also been going on a few runs just for the cardio aspect.”

The newest member of the Wild women’s team, Shannon Holt – who only just made her league debut on January said:

“During the lockdown, I have been playing ball hockey in the garden. I have been working on stick handling and puck control mainly. It’s important to still work on these skills even though I cannot be on the ice as it will help for when we are back out there again.”

You can follow the Widnes Wild women’s team’s progress in the 30 day squat challenge, and also find a link to their Just Giving page for donations on their Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/widneswildwomen

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