Ticket Prices: £11 Adults, £6 Children

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The YKK Widnes Wild play their home games at Planet Ice Widnes

05/09/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSheffield Titans10-2
11/09/202118:00:00Blackburn Hawks Blackburn Ice ArenaYKK Widnes Wild5-4
12/09/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesWhitley Warriors 4-7
19/09/202117:00:00Nottingham Lions Nottingham Ice CentreYKK Widnes Wild2-7
25/09/202116:00:00Sheffield ScimitarsiceSheffieldYKK Widnes Wild8-9
03/10/202117:30:00Billingham Stars Billingham ForumYKK Widnes Wild3-4
09/10/202119:00:00Solway Sharks Dumfries Ice BowlYKK Widnes Wild5-1
10/10/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSheffield Scimitars6-3
17/10/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBlackburn Hawks8-2
23/10/202116:00:00Sheffield ScimitarsiceSheffieldYKK Widnes Wild8-0
24/10/202117:30:00Solihull Barons Planet Ice SolihullYKK Widnes Wild5-7
31/10/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolihull Barons2-7
07/11/202117:00:00Whitley Warriors Whitley BayYKK Widnes Wild4-7
14/11/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBillingham Stars4-1
28/11/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolway Sharks5-6(PS)
05/12/202117:30YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesNottingham Lions7-2
11/12/202119:00Solway SharksDumfries Ice BowlYKK Widnes Wild3-3
12/12/202117:30YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolway Sharks5-4
18/12/202117:30:00Solihull Barons Planet Ice SolihullYKK Widnes Wild4-5
19/12/202117:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSheffield Scimitars3-2(OT)
09/01/202218:00:00Blackburn Hawks Blackburn Ice ArenaYKK Widnes Wild5-4 (OT)
16/01/202117:30YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBlackburn Hawks3-4
22/01/202219:30:00Sheffield ScimitarsiceSheffieldYKK Widnes Wild2-1
23/01/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesNottingham Lions8-5
30/01/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolway Sharks2-5
06/02/202217:00:00Nottingham Lions Nottingham Ice CentreYKK Widnes Wild3-4
13/02/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolihull Barons6-4
19/2/202218:30Dundee CometsDundee Ice ArenaYKK Widnes Wild3-3
20/02/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesDundee Comets4-3
27/02/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesWhitley Warriors 3-4(PS)
05/03/202217:30:00Solihull BaronsPlanet Ice SolihullYKK Widnes Wild6-2
06/03/202217:00:00Whitley Warriors Whitley BayYKK Widnes Wild2-8
12/03/202219:00:00Solway Sharks Dumfries Ice BowlYKK Widnes Wild3-9
13/03/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSolihull Barons8-4
20/03/202218:00:00Blackburn Hawks Blackburn Ice ArenaYKK Widnes Wild3-8
26/03/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBlackburn Hawks5-2
27/03/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBillingham Stars5-2
03/04/202217:30:00Billingham Stars Billingham ForumYKK Widnes Wild4-2
10/04/202217:30:00YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesSheffield Scimitars
17/04/202219:30YKK Widnes WildPlanet Ice WidnesBillingham Stars

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