REPORT: Solihull 14 – 0 Widnes


The problems of player unavailability and injury continue to plague Widnes.

On Sunday evening Wild travelled to Hobs Moat Road to face Solihull Barons with ten members of the squad unavailable. They met a team in top form who had inflicted a heavy defeat on the Wild, the previous weekend. Big defenceman Anthony Melbourne was able to return but Kurtis Hall was unavailable.

The game opened at a furious pace and despite the best efforts of the Wild defence, they were pulled out of position, leaving the Barons to shoot at will. After conceding a blistering 3rd minute opener from Eaton, which beat Gilmartin for pace, the makeshift Wild defence conceded five goals inside eight minutes.A netminder change saw Greg Ruxton between the pipes for Wild but despite his bravery, he was unable to contain the scoring, Despite sporadic counter attacks from Caunce Supa, Dipnall and Brown. Wild were unable to beat Sam Hewitt in the Barons goal.. Wild were outshot by 70 -20 during the game but really should have had several goals to show for their attacking efforts. Although outskilled and outpaced by an outstanding Barons team, Widnes were also outmuscled, with the looming presence of Perry Doyle again to the forefront. Anthony Melbourne took the MVP for Wild and along with Ben Simister worked hard throughout to stem the Baron’s tide.

Coach Mark Gillingham looks forward to having a stronger squad available for Sunday’s vital home fixture.

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