If we’ve got Ratty who’s got Toad?

FLG_1191cA quick question and  answer session with Thomas Ratcliffe.

Middle name: Harvey

Age: 19

Nickname: Ratty, it’s used more than my actual name.

Uniform number: 11, has been for a while now

Position: Left wing

Favourite football team: Manchester United

Favourite ice hockey player of all time: Wayne Gretzky

Pre match superstition or rituals: None, although recently this season Lee Pollitt (#70) and I always spend the last minute or so of the warm up passing the puck across centre ice.

Favourite holiday destination: Dubai

Why ice hockey: Ice hockey, different to football, rugby and cricket was the really the only sport I really stuck to as a kid. I have always enjoyed ice hockey and only play it for that reason. I love winning too.

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